Friday, 15 September 2017

The Halloween Shop is now open!

The Halloween shop is now open! 

Some photos from a creepy cute photoshoot I did with Emily Meowww
Check out her instagram here

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

J-STYLE; Japanese Street Style Exhibition in London

Join us for our OPENING NIGHT! 
Friday 23 September: 6pm - 10pm
FREE DRINKS and a RAFFLE with some cool Japan themed prizes including some goodies from our friends over at The Japan Centre.

10am to 6pm Mon - Fri until 30 September. Closed on Sunday.
Closing night: Friday 30 September: 10am - 10pm

LCCA Gallery, 5th Floor
9 Holborn
London, EC1N 2LL

(Directly adjacent to Chancery Lane tube station on the central line.)


Saoirse Clohessy - Photographer

Emily Faulder - Photographer

Madillustration - Illustrator

Otome Sewing Bee - Dressmaking Club

Storm Neverland - Illustrator

ShinkuRose - Fashion Designer

Roxie Sweetheart - Designer & Illustrator

You can RSVP to the event via Facebook here:

You can RSVP for the private view (opening night) to Emily at

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Larme-kei ~ Sweet & Girly Fashion

I went to one of the UK's first ever Larme-kei fashion meets in London, UK

Larme-kei means "tears" in French, Larme or Larme-kei is look that is sweet, sophisticated and little bit girly. It is a softer more refined side of Mote-kei or mainstream fashion.
You can check out the 'Don't Cry Baby Larme-kei Worldwide' group on Facebook here

I really like this fashion and feel like it can be worn very casually (more of a day to day look)
My style has been becoming a little more 'grown up' so this fashion is perfect for that too

One of my favourite Larme-kei brands is Swankiss which I discovered on my trip to Tokyo last year

~ This was my outfit for the day ~

Skirt & Backpack : Swankiss
Jewellery : Roxie Sweetheart
Shoes : ASOS
Top : Iron Fist (Care bears range)

The other cute Larme-kei girls who were at the meet :)

Here is a little video I put together from the day

I will definitely be going to more Larme-kei meets soon

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

♡ Kiss Me Cat! ♡ Angelic Pretty X Disney Marie ♡ Lolita Unboxing! ♡

I recently purchased some amazing items from the new 'Kiss Me Cat' Disney Aristocats (Marie) X Angelic Pretty collaboration

I made a special unboxing video when the package arrived!
I also talk about how I purchased the items from Japan to the UK

Hope you enjoy the video & I will be making another post when I get to wear the dress!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette ~ Review, Tutorial & Swatches!

I recently purchased the latest chocolate bar eye~shadow palette from Too Faced Cosmetics

The palette is called Chocolate Bon Bons and it has heart-shaped eyeshadows ~ all infused with cocoa powder. The shadows smell amazing and the packaging is so girly and cute ~ even the shadows themselves have adorable dessert~themed names like 'Sprinkles' and 'Cotton Candy'

Too Faced Cosmetics are based in the USA and all their products are cruelty free!

Here are some swatches I took of all the colours ~ my skin is medium/pale with yellow undertones

A good range of medium, light, shimmery and bright colours

Packaging is like a Willy Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) bar! 

The shadows were excellent quality, they blended really easily together
I used 5 shadows for this look ~ I can't wait to try the others!

The attention to detail and quality of the packaging made this item good value for money
I bought mine in the UK from Debenhams for £39 ( also ship to the UK now, but be wary of customs charges!)

The only negative I can think of is that they do not have a cruelty free symbol or any information regarding this printed on their packaging 

Check out my video with a make up tutorial using the palette

I hope you enjoy my review! 
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Friday, 5 February 2016

My Tokyo Trip of Dreams ~ Kawaii Photo Shoot

So whilst in Tokyo I set up a mini photo shoot in Shinjuku with Katie, Mai and Shiena 

Katie ~ walking from the Keio Plaza in Shinjuku

Katie is wearing the Roxie Girl Sweater, Gothic Fairytale Skirt, Bat & Locket Necklace, Bat Heart Ring, Bat Glitter Slides & Fairytale Castle Ring

All photos taken and edited by Roxie Sweetheart

By the LOVE sculpture
created by the American artist Robert Indiana
(edited from red to pink!)

Mai is wearing the Sparkle Heart Cropped Tee, Melty Castle Skirt, Melty Castle Tights, Magical Unicorn Necklace, Castle Ring & Various Hairbows

Central Shinjuku

In the evening we wondered around and took more photos in the area
Here is a group photo including Shiena & myself :)

I was wearing the Melty Castle Dress & matching tights

We went on to do some purikura! 

Shiena is wearing the Mystical Mermaid Sweater, Melty Castle Necklace, Mystical Mermaid bracelet & ring and the Zombie Bunny Brooch

Shiena's mermaid inspired hair & make up!

Check out Katie (Capsule Bunny's) blogspot about the shoot

You can follow Katie on instagram ~ @capsulebunny
Mai ~ @aisaki_mai
Shiena ~

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

❤ My Mini Guide to Tokyo ❤

❤ Tips for Tokyo 


❤ Shinjuku is a great place to stay (definitely for a first visit) as it's central to many places travelling on the JR railway including Harajuku and Shibuya. Shinjuku station itself is huge and pretty confusing, it may take some getting used to! Also, remember there are two Shinjuku stations... you can read more about it here:

❤ It's a really good idea to print maps before you visit, sometimes things are signposted, sometimes not...

❤ I opted to use a top up card (Suica) which can be used on the JR and subway lines
More info here:

The Suica card is easy to use (similar to an Oyster) the machines can be changed to English
I also recommend picking up something we are severely lacking in the UK ~ one of the pass cases with an extending cord. I got one from Donki :)

You can go for a JR Pass which is good value if you are planning to travel outside Tokyo more than one in your visit
If you want to book this you need to do it before you go

❤ I booked everything as a deal with hotel and flights with Expedia ~ this is a more expensive option if you want to stay in a proper hotel. You can book your accommodation separately for a lot cheaper if you're happy to stay somewhere rented or a b&b type place ~ for as little as £20 a night! I haven't done this yet but it's definitely worth looking into

❤ Flights with transfers ~ we had a flight which changed at Amsterdam from London. Please be wary about these in regards to luggage. I recommend a direct flight if possible... also when you go onto the plane from the second airport you have to go through security again, so don't buy any drinks (bit annoying)

Either way I would 100% recommend some sort of travel insurance that provides compensation for any delayed or lost luggage

❤ Book as much as you can before your trip (a lot of things you have to anyway)
~ Ghibli Muesum 
~ Wifi devices or data sim cards
~ JR Pass


❤ You can buy data only sim cards in advance (before your trip) which we had delivered to the hotel ~ these mean no phone calls but I used LINE to call or message people whilst there.

❤ LINE is a great app to use if you have friends in Japan and many people there use it
Another possible app is Whatsapp. Both can be used to make calls via the internet as well as long as the other person has it too

❤ You can get free Wifi via any Starbucks but you need to sign up to it (you need data to do this first)


❤ I did not find food expensive (eating out) but if you are on a budget 7-Eleven stores are your best friend. A few times I went there for yummy snacks ~ cakes, sandwiches, salads, sushi... 
You can also get noodles (just add hot water)
Also good for water and general other awesome Japanese drinks

❤ I have heard it is not polite to tip in restaurants, so avoid it!

❤ There are a huge number of amazing themed cafes in Tokyo ~ make sure you look into this before you go as some of them are temporary 
I highly recommend the Pom Pom Purin cafe in Harajuku and the Owl Cafe in Koenji (the best curries!), Swimmer Bakery in Studio Alta Shinjuku
I also recommend an amazing Sushi place in Shibuya with an electronic ordering system called Genki Sushi

Owl cafe, Koenji

Swimmer Bakery
(go for the chocolate cream filled treats, not sure what they are called!)

Pom Pom Purin Cafe, Harajuku


There are a few phrases a words I learnt before going to Tokyo. Not everyone speaks English and some only broken. You'll find that the Japanese are very proud of their language and they really appreciate if you give it a try ^^

                                                     ❤ Main phrases: 

Sumimasen (soo-me-mah-sen) γ™γΏγΎγ›γ‚“
This means sorry and excuse me and even thank you (if someone holds a door open for you)

Arigato (ari-gat-tow) γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†
This means thank you
Or thank you 'very' much Arigato Gosaimasu 

Toire γƒˆγ‚€γƒ¬ ~ Toilet

Wakarimasen γ‚γ‹γ‚ŠγΎγ›γ‚“ (wakari-mah-sen) 
I don’t understand

Eigo θ‹±θͺž ~ English
Nihon ζ—₯本 (nee-hon) ~ Japan

Konnichiwa γ“んにけは(konni-chi-wah) 
Good Afternoon or good day after 11am


❤ A lot of places offer a 10% tax refund for visitors when shopping providing you have your passport. Depending on how much you're spending this is not always worth it...
They do take a long time to do this, including filling in forms, stamping in your passport and wrapping everything a few times (this is to show customs you have not opened the package)
Personally I don't really like the idea of having the stamps in my passport so I just avoid it altogether ~ it means you may have to show what you have bought, and I think over a certain value you then have to repay some tax back

❤ When paying in a store there is often a small tray on the counter ~ it's polite to put the cash into the tray instead of handing it to the shop assistant

❤ To work out a rough cost from JPY to GBP you can use this trick:
Take off 2 0's e.g, 2000 would be 20
Half this and add a little more on ~ so 10 plus 2
2000 JPY is roughly £12

❤ Best shops 

Closet Child, Harajuku 
~ hugely discounted Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei and Gothic Lolita ~ clothing, accessories, jewellery, bags etc ect

Donki (Don Quiote) stores everywhere! 
~ make up, toiletries, false lashes, toys, travel, etc etc 
Each store has different items in stock so be sure to visit as many as you can!

Kiddyland, Harajuku
~ San X and Sanrio HEAVEN

Shibuya 109, Shibuya
~ Best store was Swankiss, also has Ma*rs, TuTUHa, Ruby Rose

Swimmer, Shinjuku (Studio Alta) Harajuku (LaForet)
~ Shinjuku branch has a bakery! go to the lower level

Spiral Vintage Toy Store, Harajuku
~ very pricey but amazing 
Make sure to go upstairs and look at all the vintage Barbie dolls

WEGO, Harajuku
~ cute bags, clothing, hair accessories

Daiso, Harajuku
~100 YEN shop, bit like a far better version of poundland ;)

Listen Flavor
~ Pop & rock mix cute prints and clothing

Barbie Store, Harajuku
~ everything Barbie!

6% Doki Doki
~ iconic Harajuku brand by Sebastian Masuda

This is all I can think of for now! Please leave a comment if you have any questions :)
Roxie xoxo