Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Larme-kei ~ Sweet & Girly Fashion

I went to one of the UK's first ever Larme-kei fashion meets in London, UK

Larme-kei means "tears" in French, Larme or Larme-kei is look that is sweet, sophisticated and little bit girly. It is a softer more refined side of Mote-kei or mainstream fashion.
You can check out the 'Don't Cry Baby Larme-kei Worldwide' group on Facebook here

I really like this fashion and feel like it can be worn very casually (more of a day to day look)
My style has been becoming a little more 'grown up' so this fashion is perfect for that too

One of my favourite Larme-kei brands is Swankiss which I discovered on my trip to Tokyo last year

~ This was my outfit for the day ~

Skirt & Backpack : Swankiss
Jewellery : Roxie Sweetheart
Shoes : ASOS
Top : Iron Fist (Care bears range)

The other cute Larme-kei girls who were at the meet :)

Here is a little video I put together from the day

I will definitely be going to more Larme-kei meets soon