Monday, 20 October 2014

The London Tattoo Convention ~ 10th Anniversary

It was my first time selling at the London Tattoo Convention last month :)
It was nice to do something a bit different
(plus now I want a tattoo so much!)

The event was held at the Tobacco Docks, a really fascinating old building with inside and outside areas, tunnels and winding walkways

I shared a table with the fabulous Tessa Metcalfe who casts from pigeon feet to make unique pieces of jewellery. Just a couple of examples of some of the amazing work she does ~

Image of The Rose Quartz Deborah Ring
Our table was located outside stage, Miss Pin Up UK and Miss Pin up International ~ always lively and very entertaining!

Here are a few photos of our display for the weekend ~

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady ~ Kelly Marie 
A freelance Hair and Make Up Artist with an amazing Pin Up style 

She bought one of the Mystical Mermaid Headpieces from me :D

Last but not least here's a little look at two of my outfits from the weekend ~

Sunday ~ Creepy Cute!

Bats two-piece set - off brand (bought second hand!)
Bat suspender tights - ASOS
Bat slides and Necklace - Roxie Sweetheart
Boots - Buffalo

Saturday outfit ~ Mermaid Princess

Dress - Miss Alphabet
Leggings, Bows and Necklace - Roxie Sweetheart
Holographic Sneakers - Privileged

My next event is London MCM Expo 24th-26th October ~ see you there :)

Friday, 17 October 2014


Here's a little post I'm gonna write about one of two events I did recently of which were both very different! Revelry (Lolita Convention) and The London Tattoo Convention

Firstly, Revelry!
Revelry is an annual event hosted by the Tea Party Club

Revelry is a small convention usually hosted in a grand London location and hosts around 250 guests. This year the hosts were Metamorphose Temps De Fille, Ai Akizuki, Hitomi from Grimoire and the Gothic & Lolita Bible.  I was also introduced by an amazing Japanese brand called Syrup <3

Here's a few photos from my stall that day ~

Cuties Nicole and Ida who helped me with my stall :)

Myself  with Ai Akizuki, Aerith and the lead designer of Metamorphose

Ai posted this photo on her blog post about the event here:

My Fairy Kei outfit from the Saturday~

Rainbow skirt by Pinkly Ever After
T Shirt, hair bows and leggings by Roxie Sweetheart
'Love' star earring by Broken Doll

Some photos of the Sunday Tea Party 

Here Nicole is wearing a Roxie Sweetheart headpiece and ring :)

My outfit from the Sunday - 50's inspired~

Hairbow by Roxie Sweetheart
Dress by Metamorphose

Some of the cute things I bought and won over the weekend!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


So in July I went to see the band Babymetal for the first time... if you don't know them here's a little video of one of my fave songs 'Onedari Daisakusen'

The Japanese metal vocal and dance group combine sweet girly singing and speaking with heavy metal ~ something that shouldn't work but really does!
The three teenage girls Suzuka Nakamotoas "Su-metal", Yui Mizuno as "Yuimetal", and Moa Kikuchi as "Moametal" have a unique fusion of sounds creating a new genre called "kawaii metal"

So when I heard the band were coming to the UK I made sure I was going! This band is especially good live (always a plus in my book) with high energy, dance routines and an amazing backing metal band who did some solo tunes as well.

I was surprised by the mixture of people who attended the gig ~ from younger J-Fashion girls such as myself to hardcore metal male fans! It was really amazing to see such a mix of people and I have never seen such a long queue for a gig in my life!

So before the gig I arranged a small meet for some of the J-Fashion community in Camden (close to where the gig took place) We went for sushi, chin chin labs (ice cream) and then a couple of sneaky cocktails before the gig.

This is my hair and make up for the day:

Eyeshadows ~ Paperdoll and Birthday Girl by Sugarpill
Lipstick ~ Pink Planet by LimeCrime
Jewellery and Bodycon Dress ~ Roxie Sweetheart
Shoes ~ T.U.K

I still love Camden though it seems to be changing everyday becoming more commercial. I don't see the punks and alternative people there so much now which is very sad.

A pic of me and the girls~

Babymetal are playing again in November at the O2 Academy Brixton - I can't wait :D

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

100 Colours ~ Dove

Last year I was approached on the streets of Shoreditch, London by a lady running across the road waving ~ turns out it was the Creative Director of Dove :)

She asked me to audition for a part in a new campaign they were doing ~ 
A year later ~ this happened....

The product is Dove's Invisible Dry Range and the concept of the new campaign is 'Tested on 100 Colours' with the idea of the deodorant leaving no marks showing on any colour clothing (not just black)

I represented the colour Bubblegum Pink (what else?!)

 ~ A year before this came out it was a whirlwind experience with the most amazing photoshoot taken by Rankin 
I was pampered like a princess, had my hair and make up done professionally, it was one of the best moments of my life <3

Also, I'm wearing the Roxie Sweetheart Kiss Me Lips and Birdie Rings <3

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy some Dove! 
My favourite of their products is the Dove Invisible Dry Deodorant Stick - its like a cream which moisturizes you and lasts easily all day

MCM Expo ~ May 2014 ~ Part 2!

On the Sunday we had our yearly Harajuku Fashion show!
This years theme was 'Galaxy' hosted and organised by the fabulous Kiri and sponsored by Roxie Sweetheart and Dreamy Bows

Myself and Paulina modelling a Little Twin Stars theme ~ Fairy Kei meets Kiki and LaLa

Nes wearing her Monster themes outfit ~ skirt from Kiss Me Kill Me

Jess wearing her Creepy Cute style with Roxie Sweetheart Glitter Bat Slides and Bat & Locket Necklace

Rosanna (Dreamy Bows) and Aerith modelling Dreamy Bows and KokoKim


Aisha with modelling Electric Sheep Head Bow, Roxie Sweetheart Head Bow and Key Necklace

Princess Hime ~ Lauren and Letitia

Phoenix and Sarah ~ Fairy Kei/Visual Kei/Punk and Sweet Lolita

 The hostess with the mostest! Our wonderful organizer and speaker for the fashion show ~ Kiri

If you would like to be involved in the show for October Expo 2014 check out the Harajuku Fashion Facebook Page here ~

Here is the feature on the show in NEO Magazine (Batch 126) ~ written by Mary-Ann Husson