Friday, 30 March 2012

'Le Tigre' 2012 Collaboration & Competition Project with Scarlett - Kawaii Star of the Year & Hyper Japan Spring 2012!

Roxie Sweetheart has been working on a super exclusive Collaboration & Competition with Hyper Japan and Scarlett- Kawaii Star of the Year!

You can WIN one of these special sets of the new 'Le Tigre' design- the design comes on a brooch, necklace and you also get a cute pom pom ring!



When I was first approached by Hyper Japan about doing a collaboration with Scarlett I was very excited! I love Scarletts super sweet Lolita style and Japanese Street Style influences a lo
t of Roxie Sweetheart designs and illustrations.

This mood board was transformed into Le Tigre, a super-sweet smiling tiger character surrounded by fluffy pom poms. Says Michelle, "When I was first approached by Hyper Japan about doing a collaboration with Scarlett I was very excited! I love Scarlett's super sweet Lolita style and Japanese street style influences a lot of Roxie Sweetheart designs and illustrations. I started the collaboration by creating mood-boards, then did sketches, and worked on these using computer aided design. I wanted to create something bright, unique and fun - just like Scarlett!"
Scarlett's delighted too--"I absolutely LOVE the design! Michelle is such an amazing artist. The little hearts on the ears and nose are so cute, and I love the pom poms! It looks wonderful".

Here are a few of the questions I asked her to get ideas for the exclusive designs plus exclusive illustrations and photos of the new jewellery!

What are your favourite colours?
I really love pastel colours! My absolute favourite is sky blue, but I also love light pink, lemon, lavender etc. I also like red, it’s nice and bold, and my name is Scarlett which with one t is a type of red.

Do you have any fond childhood memories or toys you used to like as a child?
I adored Sylvanian Families, I had a whole village set up over a huge table! The animals are really cute and I loved all the little details like the cute little knives and forks
and all the different pretty clothes.

One of my favourite childhood memories I’d say would be when my parents surprised me on my birthday and said we were going to Disneyland! Another would be I also loved performing when I was little, and was the lead part in a big ballet show as well as a Christmas play.

Whats your favourite animal/pet?
My favourite pets are cats, and my favourite animals are lions.

Any other ideas/inspiration or images you really like?
I love cute, colourful food like cupcakes, macaroons, ice cream and cake slices. I also love Lolita fashion and other fashion styles from Harajuku.

Check out Scarletts super cute Blog here

This HYPER-inspired range will soon be available on the Roxie Sweetheart website, but you can be among the first to own the full range (ring, necklack, brooch) by entering our competition

All you have to do is tell us which Roxie Sweetheart design you love the most!

**~~...~~**GOOD LUCK**~~...~~**

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Roxie Sweetheart Loves... Pixie Late!

It's the first day of Spring and we've just collaborated on a
photo shoot with the wonderful and beautiful model Pixie Late!

Pixie Late is a London Lolita who loves frills, rabbits, cakes and tea! She is also a spokesmodel for Gothic Lolita Wigs, Hyper Japan fashion consultant & founder of Frills'n'Frolics.

You too can win a chance to become a GLW spokesmodel by entering their Lolita spokesmodel search competition! Roxie Sweetheart is one of their official prize sponsors so you can also win one of four exclusive goodies from us!

There were 3 different themes for the photo-shoot;

Strawberries & Cream (Sweet Lolita)
Image of Little Ducky BroochImage of Bunnycakes Brooch

Image of Fluffy Bunny Rings
Woodland Fairytale (Otome-Kei)

Gothic Lolita

Image of Dripping Hearts Double RingImage of 'Betty' Pin Up Necklace
Image of Dripping Heart Ring

Check out Pixie Lates Facebook Page and Blog 'La Petite Marionette'

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Futuristic Pastels - Spring 2012

The new 'Futuristic Pastels' collection has just been added to the Roxie Sweetheart Boutique- along with lots more brand new pieces!

The collection is inspired by candy-cute colours, tokyo street style, gothic lolita fashion and cool clubwear brands such as Cyberdog. The collection features bold and

Watch out for a couple of photo-shoots featuring Pixie Late and Cyanide Kiss....

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hyper Japan Spring 2012

                        Phew what an amazing and fun weekend I had at Hyper Japan 2012!
This is the Roxie Sweetheart stall in the very busy Earl's court over the 3 days...

We had lots of lovely goodies to sell including our super popular Bunny Birdcage Necklaces...
they never fail to get a 'awwww' sound!!

Two lovely girls who modelled some Roxie jewellery:

Ruth who I recognised from a previous shoot where she had modelled some Roxie Sweetheart jewellery before... she was looking stunning in her amazing blue wig and contacts. We had her feature the blue Sparkleheart Necklace and super cute Bluebird ring for the Lolita Fashion Show.

Izzi from Cyberdog Camden who bought the pink Plastic Chain necklace, Princess Bow Brooch and Pink Glitter Kiss Me Double Ring.

The beautiful girls on the Cyberdog stand : )

As always I enjoyed getting dressed up for the event- I bought this wonderful dress from Metamorphose from the Lolita Bring & Buy stall. I love it's cute, vintage 50's feel. Check out this look and more on the Roxie Sweetheart Lookbook Page.

We caught up with Pixie Late who we will be working with very soon in the future in conjunction with Gothic Lolita Wigs ( as an official sponsor for their Spokesmodel search! We will be donating 4 prizes for the goody bags.

We also met with Scarlett - Kawaii Star of the Year from HJ 2011!
She is modelling some exclusive Roxie jewellery which we collaborated on for a
Hyper Japan competition (coming soon...!)
Scarlett has just been to Japan for her prize- check out her blog here.

Meet some of Roxie's beautiful fans & customers all dressed in the Sweet Lolita style =^x^=

We also caught up with some friends from the Tofu Cute stand...

...and Now, Voyager (who did my hair for me!)
Check out the cute glittery key hair accessory I wore from Now, Voyager.

We loved being involved in the Lolita Fashion Show and had lots of pretty jewellery modelled for us. Check out the videos of the catwalk on our new Youtube channel.

And not forgetting our lovely photographer for the day from Anarchy Photography ; )
'Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity' - Conceptual and edgy photography with a unique and unabashed style.

For more photos go to the Roxie Sweetheart Facebook Fan Page