Friday, 25 June 2010

girly meets grunge

Ok so next week I'm going to be doing a photoshoot with my beautiful friend Arna in Camden :)

The theme is going to be 'girly meets grunge' - an eclectic mix of different hairstyles and make up.
Here's a few of my ideas so far for make up and hair!


  1. What a beautiful catch of pictures!

    The picture on the right at the bottom looks a bit like one of Shrinkle's dresses.

    Oh, the pink dress with heart shaped back is so sweet, want to have this too! ♥

    I'm very excited about the photoshoot, hope you will upload lots of colourful snapshots ♥

    C-ya, Glitzerpony

  2. I liked your idea a lot,,, I can`t wait to see your pictures!!! ^^