Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Harajuku Princess!

Check out the Roxie Sweetheart Girls Love...Style Ideas page for some super cute styling ideas for Roxie Sweetheart pieces. Add a Roxie jewellery piece to glam up your wardrobe and make your outfit unique! Make-up ideas, hairstyles, highstreet buys, new trends, vintage ideas and DIY tips!

Check out the latest style ideas mood board featuring the new 'Pretty Bow' Neckalce, 'Sakura' Brooch and 'Star' Stud Earrings.

The Harajuku Princess loves Japanese Manga and Anime, she loves dressing up at parties, looking super cute and wearing statement pieces to add interest to each outfi

Also check out Roxie Sweetheart on Etsy!
Have a look at this treasury I made inspired by Harajuku Princess

Harajuku Princess By Roxie Sweetheart on Etsy

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  1. Sakura - oh I used to just love cardcaptors haha!
    Love your brand!

    Love J.