Saturday, 5 January 2013

Iska Ithil

During Hyper Japan Christmas I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful and talented alternative model Iska Ithil!
She joined us for the event, modelling Roxie Sweetheart jewellery as well as Kiss Me Kill Me clothing.

Check out the final photos we took over the weekend...

Myself with Iska (Katie) and the talented Kairi from Candyholic

Iska modelling the Magical Unicorn hairbow

Puffy Heart ring, Gitter Star ring, Wish Upon a Star Ring, Magical Unicorn Necklace

Roxie Girl Bow Hairslides, Kiss Me Lips Double Ring, Roxie Girl Ring

Dripping Hearts Ring, Kiss Me Double Ring

Reindeer Hairbows, brooch and ring

Sparkle Heart Necklace & Marie Cat Necklace

Roxie Girl Necklace, Fluffy Bunny Ring

Sparkle Heart Necklace, Moon Kitty Ring

Many thanks to both Iska and Kiss Me Kill Me for this amazing collaboration!
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