Wednesday, 8 May 2013

High Street Fashion Week - London 2013!

The Roxie Girls rocked the catwalk at High Street Fashion Week - showcasing the new S/S 2013 jewellery & accessories range at Aura Mayfair, London!

Check out the video featuring hair and make up prep, photos of the models and videos from the catwalk at Aura Mayfair, London.

Each girl had a different style; Pink Roxie Girl, Mystical Mermaid, Magical Unicorn, 
90's (Be Happy) and Creepy Cute! 

Emma - Magical Unicorn

Annalisa - 90's (Be Happy)

Styling was sweet-dolly with big eye-lashes, pink lipstick and cute hair buns or pigtails with glitter hairspray. Models were styled with cropped vests (Roxie Logo on backs), matching metallic rainbow skater skirts and black platform shoes with co-ordinating shoe clips!

Mayumi - Pink Roxie Girl

Jess - Creepy Cute

Antonia - Mystical Mermaid

Hope you enjoyed the show!


Photos & Video:
Hair & Make-up: Vanity Van
High Street Fashion Week organised by: Stacey Bell
Jewellery & Styling: Roxie Sweetheart
Models: Jessica Yskpetäjä, Annalisa Winter, Mayumi O'shea, Antonia Vlasto, Emma Cox


  1. Great job Roxie! Everyone looks fantastic ^^

  2. Congrats!!!
    Everything looks amazing and super colourful :) I love all the Kyary accessories

  3. OMG I love the vibrant colors in your outfits so much! Having gone to Japan/Harajuku myself recently, I'm reminded of the kitschy Tokyo street fashion! You've got a new follower!

    x Linda Cheng
    personal style | travel | food