Thursday, 14 November 2013

Monster High Love

So only a while ago I discovered the awesomely creepy cute world of Monster High...

Since then I've been building a collection slowly and for so called kids toys they're pretty intricately made and very sophisticated - in my opinion for adults and children!

I was so inspired by my favourite characters doll that I decided to do a cosplay of her at MCM Expo (London Comic Con) in October!

 ♥ So this is Rochelle Goyle 

It was quite hard to find her outfit actually. I managed to find the top easily, though it wasn't exact!
For the skirt I chose a replica Vampire Requiem Lolita design

I found the hair and make up the easiest - using my already pink hair plus some custom-dyed turquoise extensions and a few streaks in my fringe

I used Adore Pink Rose and Directions Turquoise hair dyes

I find the Adore pinks have a nicer, softer, more purple tone than some of the other vibrant colours by other brands - these work better if your hair is already bleached/light in colour

Most of the rest of the outfit was from places like eBay! 

My necklace is the new 'Bat and Locket' Roxie Sweetheart design
featuring glittery black bats and a dripping locket

Check out and follow my looks on Lookbook here!

Hope you enjoyed my Monster High Rochelle Goyle cosplay!


  1. wow that cosplay is indeed good! I also love rochelle <3

  2. you look so cute ^^ i love your hair