Saturday, 1 March 2014

Roxie Girls Love... Kerli

So a little while back I got the chance to send Kerli some custom items!
I worked on a new design inspired by Kerli and her unique Bubblegoth style ^_^

♥ Kerli received her goodies and posted about them on her Facebook Page

This is the necklace I made her:  The necklace features the Kerli illustration printed onto layered acrylic, 3D 'Kerli' printed layer, black glitter and holographic wings backing and two-tone chunky chain.

On the right is the design printed onto a black cropped vest top
I also gave Kerli the Creepy Cute Bat Ring in black and wrote her a little note ^_^

"So into this amazing custom gift from Roxie Sweetheart  They made a top and a necklace with my name on it!! Thank you so much guys!! This is seriously #rad"

She was then kind enough to make a Fashion Spotlight post on her Buzznet about the brand

♥ Kerli is a huge inspiration to me and I hope to work again with her very very soon!! 

♥ Also, a big thank you to Magical ULaLa  from Kiss Me Kill Me for helping to make this happen :) 

Love and Kawaii-ness 

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