Tuesday, 22 July 2014

MCM Expo ~ May 2014 ~ Part 2!

On the Sunday we had our yearly Harajuku Fashion show!
This years theme was 'Galaxy' hosted and organised by the fabulous Kiri and sponsored by Roxie Sweetheart and Dreamy Bows

Myself and Paulina modelling a Little Twin Stars theme ~ Fairy Kei meets Kiki and LaLa

Nes wearing her Monster themes outfit ~ skirt from Kiss Me Kill Me

Jess wearing her Creepy Cute style with Roxie Sweetheart Glitter Bat Slides and Bat & Locket Necklace

Rosanna (Dreamy Bows) and Aerith modelling Dreamy Bows and KokoKim


Aisha with modelling Electric Sheep Head Bow, Roxie Sweetheart Head Bow and Key Necklace

Princess Hime ~ Lauren and Letitia

Phoenix and Sarah ~ Fairy Kei/Visual Kei/Punk and Sweet Lolita

 The hostess with the mostest! Our wonderful organizer and speaker for the fashion show ~ Kiri

If you would like to be involved in the show for October Expo 2014 check out the Harajuku Fashion Facebook Page here ~

Here is the feature on the show in NEO Magazine (Batch 126) ~ written by Mary-Ann Husson

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