Friday, 17 October 2014


Here's a little post I'm gonna write about one of two events I did recently of which were both very different! Revelry (Lolita Convention) and The London Tattoo Convention

Firstly, Revelry!
Revelry is an annual event hosted by the Tea Party Club

Revelry is a small convention usually hosted in a grand London location and hosts around 250 guests. This year the hosts were Metamorphose Temps De Fille, Ai Akizuki, Hitomi from Grimoire and the Gothic & Lolita Bible.  I was also introduced by an amazing Japanese brand called Syrup <3

Here's a few photos from my stall that day ~

Cuties Nicole and Ida who helped me with my stall :)

Myself  with Ai Akizuki, Aerith and the lead designer of Metamorphose

Ai posted this photo on her blog post about the event here:

My Fairy Kei outfit from the Saturday~

Rainbow skirt by Pinkly Ever After
T Shirt, hair bows and leggings by Roxie Sweetheart
'Love' star earring by Broken Doll

Some photos of the Sunday Tea Party 

Here Nicole is wearing a Roxie Sweetheart headpiece and ring :)

My outfit from the Sunday - 50's inspired~

Hairbow by Roxie Sweetheart
Dress by Metamorphose

Some of the cute things I bought and won over the weekend!

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