Wednesday, 14 July 2010

kiss the tulips

I have been very busy making lots of lovely pretty new pieces of jewellery : ) Here is a little sneaky peek and a few photos from my mini jewellery photo-shoot!
(jewellery coming soon to the boutique: golden heart locket, bears and bows bracelet, rainbow rain lockets, cream tea bracelet, bambi treasure necklace, vintage picture rings...)

My inspiration came from a vintage treasure trove and my recent watch of Alice in Wonderland. I still persoanlly love the original book and Disney version of the film, although Tim Burton put a wonderful sweet-yet-twisted slant on the magical story...

Little bread-and-butterflies kiss the tulips, and the sun is like a toy balloon.
There are get up in the morning glories, in the golden afternoon.
There are dizzy daffodils on the hillside, strings of violets are all in tune, Tiger lilies love the dandelions, in the golden afternoon, the golden afternoon.
There are dog and caterpillars and a copper centipede, where the lazy daisies love the very peaceful life they lead...
There's a wealth of happiness and romance, all in the golden afternoon. ...


  1. Oh this golden heart is so cute ♥

  2. It's all too good it makes me feel like I not only want to but need to own it all ☺