Thursday, 19 August 2010

Roxie Sweetheart ♥'s Neurotica

Roxie Sweetheart on Neurotica Blog! Check it out

And here's a little exclusive for you about the label...
The new AW10 capsule collection called Tees Me that will be in Topshop and Joy stores : )


  1. Hi my Dear,

    of course we can do link exchange. At the moment I unfortunately don't have any graphic banners for Glitzerpony... so for a start I can just put your "rare" link on my right sidebar (section: read this honeybunnies).

    But the graphic banners are definitely on my to-do-list, so we can later on switch the only URL-buttons to graphical ones, how is that?

    In order you can already prepare a matching banner/button; I will need one with a 200px width and a max of 400px height.

    So... one question left, what site of yours do you want me to link? (blog,shop...)

    Love and kisses, take care!
    the Glitzerpony ♥

    If you want me to write some review about your stuff just send me one of your products.
    Of course you will get a complete translation of the German review in case you want me to this. ♥

  2. Sorry, I won't poste premade texts or images, I'll only write about stuff I've tested.

    But of course I've already put up your link and inform you as qucick as possible when I will have finished my new banners.

    Love Glitzerpony

  3. Great stuff.