Tuesday, 31 August 2010

miso precious

Just a small sample of my jewellery collection.

'Miso precious': Romantic, vintage, precious, opulent, glamorous, treasure, love, swans, roses, raindrops, secret gardens, pearls, french furniture, paris, gold, chanel, courture, precious beads, crystals.


  1. i love the jewelry! i'm slowly building my jewelry collection too!
    where do you put all the jewelry? i'm trying to find a box for everything but i'm scared that my necklaces and earrings will get tangled up and break or something D:

    oh and thank you so much for following xxx
    your blog is so sweet :D

  2. Hi there again :D

    I'd LOVE to switch links.

    I've already added you! xxx Thanks (;

  3. Love EVERYTHING!!! <3