Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lolita Love

So I am becoming more and more obsessed
with the Lolita style...especially Sweet Lolita! 
It's literally every girly girls dream;
just how you dreamed of dressing up when you were little - 
like a living doll covered in cakes, rainbows, ribbons and bows...  
Except you can actually wear it as an adult
>_< AMAZING   ♥ 

I am building my collection gradually - with a mixture of replica's
and now just a couple of genuine pieces.
The cost prices are pretty high...
though the dresses are just so beautiful, like works of art...

Plus I console myself with the fact that these dresses are like collectors items, which can easily be sold on or swapped in the future if needs be - though I can't image ever giving away a dress that I loved. I tend to form emotional attachments to items - they bring memories of when they were worn and how good I felt in them.

So anyway here's just a little look of the few items I do own so far - plus the latest dress that I have bought from Angelic Pretty's beautiful 'Sugar Fairy Cake' Collection (my very first Angelic Pretty purchase)!

Metamorphose 'Vintage Poodle' dress! Lovingly bought second-hand of my beautiful friend Rosanna : )
I adore this dress because it has a very 50's style! I wore this one at Hyper Japan in February with white frilly socks and patent red bow shoes.

I do have the 'Milky Chan' (Angelic Pretty) cute deer print skirt, bag and polka dot dress but they are replicas at the moment!

  My latest purchase ^_^

I love this dress because it's quite unusual and has a sort of vintage feel to it! It's also got a detachable top so you can wear the skirt separately - giving more outfit options!
I think the next thing I will need to invest in is a lovely petticoat to go under it!

Oh and on another note I'd like to express my new found love for this girl...

The wonderful and weirdly cute world of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!



  1. Oh Sugary Fairy Cake is beautiful- I'm so excited for you! I just ordered my first brand dress- Dreamy Pony by BTSSB, I can't wait till it arrives!

    I love Kyrary, her songs never fail to put me in a good mood. ^_^

    Florrie x

  2. I know it's so so beautiful!! I literally couldn't stop thinking about it... actually since u put the link up about your purchase and then I clicked onto the website! Pom pom way way way!! >_< can you post a link to your dress? Xx

  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.