Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sugar Fairy Cake Dreams...

It arrived!!! My first ever Angelic Pretty dress! 
It took a little while to come and, as expected, got a customs charge to pay - though not as bad as it could have been! (Lucky in a way I guess) o_o 

The dress has definitely not failed to disappoint! It's beautifully made and the quality of the printed fabric is really very lovely - you can tell it is good material and it has been lined properly. The quality between this dress and the replica is really no comparison at all.

I adore the versatility of this dress; detachable apron/pinafore so it can be worn as a skirt, straps at the back cross over or straight, detachable bow and separate extra pinafore at the front too!

I always like to choose items which have something a little unique/different about them.
This one in particular has a sort of 50's vintage diner feel to it! It could almost be paired with roller-skates and a head full of pink hair rollers!


 I teamed this dress with some new black patent Mary Janes from Topshop (which remind me very much of some shoes from Clarkes I had as a little girl >_< ), Cute Pink Dumpling Purse from Tofu Cute, Customized Polly Pocket Locket Necklace & Roxie Sweetheart Velvet Deer Brooch, Fluffy Bunny Ring, Pink Birdie Ring and Heart Cake Ring. 

Now to try save up for the next piece in my collection.... might take a while though! ; )

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