Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Night at the 50's American Diner

I have always had love for the 50's -
and American style diners are just amazing!
I recently discovered a 50's diner in Southsea which had been there for a while but I had never visited. From the outside it really does not look like much, but the interior design is really rather
lovely and quite authentic!
And most important of all - the food is yummy!! XD

My friend Rosanna and I had a night out there and we took a few photos. We dressed up inspired by the 50's Vintage theme and had a very nice/food-filled evening.

The menu was so yummy - you could get a selection of genuine diner food including 
sundaes, milkshakes, burgers and coke floats. 
I chose ice cream soda, nachos, potato skins and 
chocolate fudge cake for dessert, yum ^_^

My outfit: Dress - Olivie Pink Polka Dot Halter Dress by Hell Bunny
Shoes - Bodyline Pom Pom Lolita in White
Accessories - Bubblegum Necklace, Birdie Ring & White Fluffy Bunny ring by Roxie Sweetheart


  1. you both look stunning! and i love rosanna, such a lovely lady!

  2. Yey thank you!!! Me too she's a beaut!! ^_^