Sunday, 14 July 2013

`•.¸.•´ ♥ ☆ Japan Expo, Paris! July 2013 ☆ ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ PART 1 ♥

So it was my first time exhibiting at Europe's biggest Japanese Popular Culture Convention, Japan Expo in Paris - I shared the stall with my good friend and very talented designer Magical U La La from 

It was such an amazing experience with tons of amazing stalls and guest appearances.

♥ PART 1 ♥ Highlights from the event! 

Meeting Sebastian Masuda - the guy behind 6% Doki Doki - one of my biggest inspirations!


Also, I got to meet Minori 
Check out these wonderful photos of her in the Tokyo Fashion article 'Her Memories of a Dream'

Minori is a really very talented and inspirational artist who dresses in Shironuri style - she makes all her own outfits and does her own make up too! In her video she talks about following your dreams and inspiring others - so much love 

Her make up is truly incredible - she looks like a vintage china doll! I just wanted to steal her hehe ^_^
Somehow when I went up to meet her she recognized the logo on my vest and my brand and she said it was kawaii! Best moment ever! ☆_

Photos below from Tokyo Fashion

Just by chance (so lucky!!) we had a surprise visit to the stall from Tsubasa Masuwaka aka Milky Bunny - the famous Japanese model, Gyaru/himegyaru icon , J-Pop singer who created the amazing make-up brand Dollywink and Candy Doll

She took a photo of us and put it on her Twitter/Blog and said we were cute! How amazing!!

End of part 1 (I have so much to blog about for Japan Expo hehe)

Part 2 will have more photos from the event and the stall plus our amazing models!


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  1. Minori!!!! you're so lucky hun to have met her, I'd LOVE to meet her one day. She's a huge inspiration ^^
    Your stall looks so lovely and cute, you must've had an amazing time selling at Japan Expo! Can't wait to read Part 2!