Wednesday, 31 July 2013

MariMoon ...·˙`˙·....·˙`˙·... ♥

...·˙`˙·....·˙`˙·... ♥ I came across the wonderful MariMoon from her Instagram and learned to know her as the famous Brazilian MTV presenter for the program 'Scrap MTV' where she interviewed artists such as Noel Gallagher, Sonic Youth and Iggy Pop. 
She has even been an actress in the Broadway musical Fame!

...·˙`˙·....·˙`˙·... ♥ One of my favourite photos of MariMoon in her custom self-designed dress!
The animals that decorate the skirt were gifts from various fans!

So MariMoon contacted me and expressed her love for my jewellery!
She is very cool and I love her hair so much!! I was honored to make her something ^_^

I made her a custom Mystical Mermaid necklace with a double mermaid design on iridescent acrylic and a sparkly chain and she featured it on her instagram/facebook

...·˙`˙·....·˙`˙·... ♥ Mermaid Hair
MariMoon looks like my illustration here!

MariMoon is very inspirational, I hope to meet her one day ...·˙`˙·....·˙`˙·... ♥

She has also released an amazing line of nail polishes, which hopefully I will be doing a review of soon!

A cute little video featuring MariMoon and Kerli ...·˙`˙·....·˙`˙·... ♥

MariMoon tutorial - making a flower wreath!

I hope to make more for MariMoon in the near future - possibly a custom range for her ^_^

...·˙`˙·....·˙`˙·... ♥

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